Enable your members or players to pay using their wallet and eliminate the need for cash payments at your club. Offer exclusive privileges or benefits to your most frequent customers and effortlessly create promotions to significantly boost the number of members or players.

Get your vouchers balance topped up quickly

  • Create promotions and top up balance individually or as a group, to a certain number of users, in just one click.
  • Allow users to create periodic top-ups in their vouchers or wallet, which can be used to pay for green fees, lessons, buggies, and other services.
  • With just one click, you can add credits to your top customers’ digital wallets, which they can use to pay for restaurant purchases, pro shop items, or golf lessons.

Make sure everything is under control by setting filters

  • Limit the use of vouchers to a set period with an expiration date specified from the date of purchase.
  • Set usage restrictions according to the user, day of the week, or time of day.
  • Set usage conditions according to the type of user (member, guest, etc…).
  • Create specific fields and filter or limit vouchers under certain conditions.

Make the most of your vouchers with Golfmanager

  • You can create tags for each credit to grant certain advantages or privileges to holders of certain credits.
  • Separate between normal bookings and bookings through vouchers to offer different user experiences.
  • Offer individual or group discounts, depending on the day or time, as a percentage or exact amount of money depending on the type of credit and the type of customer.

Take advantage of the vouchers and maximize your income

  • Set special conditions on the price of green fees or lessons for users who top up their wallet with a certain minimum amount of money.
  • Offer promotions for any of your golf club services for the most active credit users.

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