Digitize and manage your golf club with a single software

Simplify and transform your golf course in 4 steps, without complications.



We will study the needs of your club with you and you will get to know our software.



Once you sign the contract, we will configure your software for its use.



We will train your club’s staff to get the most out of the software.



You will start using Golfmanager on a daily basis, always accompanied by our team.


The first step is to get to know us and understand what you need

What should you expect?

  • We will study the needs of your golf course
  • We’ll show you our software and let you try it out
  • We will define our contractual relationship
  • If everything is in order, you will sign the binding contract


You are not alone! We will help you through the entire setup process

What should you expect?

  • We will designate a contact person with Golfmanager
  • We will review the contracted conditions
  • We will ask you for all the necessary documentation
  • We will inform you of the status of the project after each session


We will train your team so that they know Golfmanager's potential.

What should you expect?

  • Your team will have training sessions with a Golfmanager consultant
  • We will assign tasks to be completed by your club’s staff
  • We will set a definite date for implementation
  • We will send you a summary of the whole process

Control your club wherever you are with Golfmanager

What should you expect?

  • We’ll get your software ready for go live
  • You will start using Golfmanager on a daily basis
  • You will have our support team always at your side
  • You will be part of the Golfmanager Community

Any doubts?

We know that, despite reading the above, you still have some doubts to solve. Here are the most common ones.

Unlike traditional management software, GolfManager is an all-in-one management system. All modules that your club needs are built onto the same platform.

In contrast, other software that claims to be all-in-one actually integrates with third party systems.

There is a huge difference there since with Golfmanager, you will have a better user experience as everything will be unified, you will have fewer synchronization issues, you will have more solid reports, a single invoice, and you will have the same user for all operations.

Depending on the type of course, configuration and training can be done in a few days or several weeks. It will depend on the resources that you, as a club, can dedicate to the process to start using Golfmanager. The average time is usually 3-4 weeks..

It is important that the club designates a person to be responsible for the project. This person will be the main interlocutor with the Golfmanager team. Ideally, this person should have the necessary time for this task. It is also important that the whole team is committed to the change and not just a part of it to reduce the implementation time.

We offer two alternatives.

In the first one, our team trains your club’s contact person and this person is in charge of configuring the software and training the rest of the employees. This first alternative is usually more time consuming.

In the second option, the Golfmanager team does all the configuration and training with the help of the contact person. This option is faster to implement but your team will be more dependent on our technical support.

Yes, you can dump the last year and the “big numbers” of previous years at no additional cost. There is an additional cost for a comprehensive data dump of data from years prior to the first year.

No. Your monthly fee will not increase. We will give access to Golfmanager to as many club users as you deem necessary. There will be no limit to the number of players or reservations. In short, there will be no surprises on your bill.

Golfmanager has a multilingual technical support team specialized in our tool and in the management of golf clubs 24/7 in different time zones to provide a quality service to all our customers. Just write us in the instant chat that you will find inside our software and type your query. A support agent will provide you with the necessary help to resolve the issue.

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