Digital Kiosk

The digital kiosk is ideal for courses where many players are crowded at the reception and for clubs with low occupancy that need a longer attention without the necessity of staff.

The kiosk allows the player to make any kind of management in an unattended way. In that way, the player, seeing queues at the reception desk, can choose to use the kiosk and speed up the Pro Shop operations.

On the other hand, being able to do any task from the kiosk, you can close the reception during off-peak hours and continue providing a good service to your players.

  • Everything you can do on the website (reservations, reloads, tournaments, etc.).
  • Check-in of daily reservations in 1 click thanks to the QR booking confirmation.
  • Payment by stored card or physical dataphone.
  • Print reservation and/or ticket.

Kitchen Display

Digitize paper orders with a touch screen created for a professional kitchen.

The touch screen will improve communication between the kitchen and the dining room. The orders taken in the restaurant’s dining room will be sent directly to the screens installed in the kitchen where the chef will be able to accept the order and communicate the cooking status at any moment. In the dining area, they can be alerted when a dish is ready to be served or inform the customer if the dish is being prepared.

Eliminate paper and join all the possibilities of the digital world.

  • Send orders from telephone, PDA or tablet to the kitchen.
  • The chef can print the ticket if he prefers the traditional paper method.
  • Know the status of each order at any point in time
  • Know the modifications of a product
  • Know which products are marked as starters, first, second and dessert.


Speed up your store operations or order management with the L2S PDA, a professional device that will stand up to day-to-day use.

Unlike the PDA P2Pro, with the PDA L2S you will not be able to charge by card or print the ticket, but you will still gain agility when taking orders or in warehouse management.

With the integrated barcode and QR code scanner, and thanks to the Golfmanager APP, you will be able to create an inventory or order much faster. You can also check in your players in case there is a queue at the reception, and use the devices as a walkie talkie and increase communication between employees.

  • Any administration task in Golfmanager as if it were your PC
  • Reservation check-in
  • Order management
  • Walkie talkie mode
  • Create an inventory or order by scanning barcodes

P2 Pro PDA

Take the reception from the other side of the desk and gain mobility.

The PDA is very useful for any employee of the club (waiters, receptionists, marshalls) because you can make any reservation and payment management thanks to the Golfmanager APP, the built-in dataphone, and ticket printing. All in a single device.

If you are a waiter, forget having to go to the bar to print the bill or take the dataphone. Simply take the P2Pro PDA from your pocket, print the bill and charge the customer instantly, gaining agility and providing better customer service.

If you are a receptionist or marshall, you can charge the customer from anywhere and give him his ticket, helping to speed up a queue at the reception or giving a complete service to the player from anywhere in the field. You can also speed up the maintenance of your store by printing barcodes from the same device or generating orders by scanning the items.

  • Any management in Golfmanager as if it were your PC.
  • Charge with the same device.
  • Print a ticket, an order, or the bill.
  • Check-in reservations
  • Print barcodes for the store.
  • Walkie talkie mode.
  • Create an inventory or order by scanning barcodes.

M2 MAX Enterprise Tablet

Make store and restaurant management easier with a business tablet built to withstand your business operations.

With the Sunmi M2 Max Tablet your employees can manage all the tasks that Golfmanager allows them from any device, with the confidence of having a device that can withstand drops, splashes, etc. In addition, its native connection with the rest of the Sunmi range makes it an ideal device to improve the operation of your club, especially in the printing of tickets and orders.

  • All the Golfmanager operations, but with the advantages of a rugged tablet.
  • The tablet acts as a connection to print from any device
  • Order management
  • View the cooking status of each order

Cloud Printer

Improve the printing experience of your tickets and orders with our Sunmi Cloud printer, a business device to withstand the day to day and adapted to your business.

The Sunmi Cloud printer is perfect for eliminating network cables at the front desk, printing from any device and being able to operate with total mobility. It is especially useful for the kitchen, as it is fully integrated with Golfmanager, withstands the daily routine of a professional kitchen, and emits sounds and lights with each new order. You can also print barcodes for store items and forget about A4 formats.

  • Print tickets from the POS, automatically and manually
  • Print bills
  • Print orders
  • Print bar codes
  • Print from any mobile device on the same network
  • With the light and sound you will be instantly aware of a new order

Connect any device with Golfmanager

Ball machines

  • You can make your customers’ experience better by giving them QR codes so they can remove the balls easily.
  • Make sure your ball machines are properly functioning and being used.
  • Manages inventory and prevents breakdowns by optimizing preventive maintenance.

Payment POS

Reshape mini POS

Have your operations and management simplified. Ultra-slim body & omni-channel payment. 

Being able to take payments made with Magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC, and QR code, P2 MINI enables your customers to pay the way they want.

Compatible, flexible, secured. 


  • Slim, but durable
  • Improved performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Professional 2D scan engine
  • HD dual cameras
  • Accessories to improve your frontline operations
  • Reddot Design award winner

Sunmi K2

Sunmi D2
Kitchen Display System

Sunmi L2S
Handheld Computer

Sunmi V2S

Sunmi M2 Max
Enterprise tablet

Sunmi 80mm
Kitchen Cloud Printer