Fair online member bookings: Golfmanager successfully launches its new algorithm

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Golf Basozabal was the first golf course to test Golfmanager’s new algorithm to make members’ online bookings fair for everyone.

Lately, due to Covid-19, online reservations for social clubs have been highly encouraged, causing crashes very often. Having the same people make reservations, or when entering names, the system says there is no availability, are some of the issues we have seen.

How does the new online booking algorithm work?

At Golfmanager we have been working to provide our golf course members with the best possible booking experience, and we have succeeded. At Golf Basozabal, even with 200 players making reservations at the same moment for the same times of the weekend, we have had a superb experience. No issues have been reported in terms of glitches or speed of the reservation, being able to confirm your tee time in less than 0.5 seconds.

In addition to the improvement in the efficiency of the program, an online reservation system has been implemented to make it fair for its members. At Golf Basozabal you can book 2 days in advance. The rule has been implemented that you can only have an active reservation 48 hours in advance. In other words, if I make a reservation on Thursday for Saturday (48 hours in advance), it means that on Friday I will not be able to make a reservation for Sunday. I would have to wait until Saturday to be able to make a reservation for Sunday in the slots that have been vacated. However, if I decide not to book on Saturday and wait until Friday to book for Sunday, I will have preference over those who DID book for Saturday.

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Benefits of having fair online bookings

As a result, 2 positive things are accomplished: fairness for your members, and fewer players booking on Thursday morning for Saturday, thus improving everyone’s experience. This algorithm has helped the club in not having to implement the typical drawing of weekend tee times, which many clubs try to avoid, where the members are placed on a “waiting list” and on Thursday they are informed if they can play on the weekend based on a certain number of points. With this algorithm, Golf Basozabal players know exactly when they are going to play, improving their satisfaction, and minimizing the club’s work in making drawings. This early booking, which in Golf Basozabal is 48 hours, can be extended to additional days, allowing the members to know on Monday if they have a spot on the weekend and have time to make plans.

With this improvement, Golfmanager is the only golf course management software in Spain capable of having a fair online member booking system, without drawings, and a hassle-free booking experience.

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