How La Manga Club Resort increased online sales by 30%.

La Manga Club is one of Europe’s most renowned holiday, sports, and leisure complexes. A spectacular resort with three 18-hole golf courses managed by Golfmanager technology.

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La Manga del Mar Menor,
Murcia, España

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March 2020
It’s time for a change

My name is Pedro Sánchez and I live in Murcia, Spain. In the years since I finished my studies, I have continued my training to specialize in the tourism industry and, specifically, as a golf technician.

With this training, along with my experience working at resorts like La Manga Club and its five-star hotel, three 18-hole golf courses, as well as other sporting activities, I have developed a career in this field since 2003.

The very important task of specializing in the different operational positions that make up the experience of the golf player to achieve service excellence, along with the quality of the facilities, make it very necessary for this sector to evolve and provide us with professional tools that facilitate access to the clubs by all its users, and thus obtain greater efficiency defined in resource optimization, in addition to providing greater performance and close contact with the player to have information and services of the destination 24 hours a day.

For these reasons, we decided to become part of the Golfmanager Community.

Pedro Sanchez
Director de golf
Golf Director
Using Golfmanager since March 2020

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An essential tool

Golfmanager is on another level. As a result of working with Golfmanager, we have been able to respond effectively to all our responsibilities without neglecting the most important thing: providing our clients with an unparalleled experience.

Golfmanager’s ability to operate in the cloud makes it possible to monitor everything that happens at the facilities in real time.

Check tournament dates, registrations, tee time reservations, academy reservations, etc… all grouped and defined in an online platform or app at the fingertips of any user that offers an uninterrupted, easy, and intuitive service and that helps us to simplify the player’s tasks so he can enjoy the facilities, without having to wait for the response of an email or phone call.

Currently, an essential tool from a commercial and operational point of view.

“The ability to monitor everything happening at the facilities in real-time thanks to their 100% cloud-based tool is one of Golfmanager’s greatest achievements”
Pedro Sanchez
Director de golf
Golf Director
Using Golfmanager since March 2020
Self-evident results

Online sales have helped us divert +30% of income, allowing us to reduce bureaucratic workload and optimize resources.

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Process optimization
A mandatory and responsible task

To offer our services in a simple and efficient way, digitization is a mandatory and responsible task for all managers. Nowadays, digitization and the use of new technologies are not options, as they help us improve our clients’ experience.

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